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Novice and newly-passed drivers are completely unable to experience the pressures that come from motorway driving namely because you're not able to legally drive on a motorway until you're a full licence holder! The sheer volume and speed of traffic on a motorway can be daunting for any driver. And for one who hasn't mastered the skills involved in driving on these sometimes challenging roads, the experience can be terrifying.


Driving on motorways is a completely different environment from where you will have learned to drive ~ which is what helps make it such a scary prospect! However, as with learning to drive, all you need are the right skills and the rules of the road.


We recommend that you seriously consider taking up some motorway tuition after you first pass your test ~ because you never know when you may need to use a motorway! That said, our motorway driving lessons are designed that you can take them at any stage of your driving life. We often receive enquiries from people who have happily driven for some time ~ and then realise they'll have to undertake a long journey; most of it by motorway! A couple of hours with one of our friendly, fully-qualified, experienced instructors usually makes them feel much more confident about facing their journey safely.


Our 2-hour motorway tuition courses incorporate the following skills motorway driving lessons

Journey Planning
Joining & Leaving the Motorway
Speed Awareness
Effective Observations
Signs, Signals & Markings

Lane Discipline
Using Care, Courtesy & Consideration
Fatigue and How to Deal With It

What To Do If You Break Down
How to Handle Hazards or Roadworks
Dealing With Link Roads & Slip Roads


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