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When you have passed your driving test you are ready to drive unaccompanied on the road. However, many people find that some extra post-test tuition is helpful - particularly in dealing with motorway driving - something that you are not allowed to do until you have passed the driving test..

The Pass plus Course is an ideal way of getting that post-test training.

Our Pass Plus course is a 6 hour package, which includes the following in-car tuition:

  • 1. Dual carriageways

  • 2. Motorway driving

  • 3. Rural roads

  • 4. Complicated city situations

  • 5. All weather conditions

  • 6. Night driving

Each of these modules involves a minimum of one hour's tuition and practice.

As well as helping you to be a better and safer driver, completion of the Pass Plus course can allow you to get discounts on your car insurance with many UK car insurance companies. Although you need to demonstrate a satisfactory standard of driving throughout the Pass Plus course, the good news is that you don't have to pass a test at the end of the course.

There are a number of insurers that will give you a discount on your insurance premium if you have completed a Pass Plus course. There also are a number of local authorities who will help with the costs of Pass Plus training – check out GOV.UK for the full list, as they may fund 50% of your course!