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Are you waiting 2-3 months for your test? Essex Driving School has a unique service for finding early driving tests for students who would like to pass their practical tests as soon as possible. Book with us now to find the earliest possible dates. 100% Guaranteed.


We at Essex Driving School will take the stress out of looking for cancellation dates. No need to sit in front of a computer day and night to find an early test. Just book with us and we will take the entire headache away with a personalised service, we will stay in contact with you and find the earliest suitable test for you. Just submit your details and the small admin fee and we will do the rest, one of our team members will contact you to confirm everything and we will start straight away looking for a suitable date for you. Once we have, we will contact you and tell you your new early test date. It’s as simple as that! Anyone who has had to look for an early test they know how difficult and time consuming it is to find an early test. Let Roadrunner take the stress out of finding a test!


Terms and Conditions

- We can only move driving tests forward for car type tests.

- We do not do short notice test bookings for e.g. bus lorry or motorcycle.

- DVLA driving tests charges are not included in our prices, our charge is an admin fee to move the test forward.

- Once the test has been booked within the 2-3 weeks this cannot be changed, additional costs will be charged if further changes are required.

- It is not Essex Driving School’s responsibility to arrange an instructor for your test unless previously requested.

- We will only start looking for an early test once payment has been made.


If you would like further information about short test notices, why not call us on 07930 243 865