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Intensive driving lessons are especially designed for people who want to get their professional license quickly. Ignite Driving School has one of the best intensive courses in London, with some of the best instructors working in the region today. Lessons are generally conducted on daily basis, according to individual requirement.


Essex Driving School tailors its intensive driving lessons to suit your deadlines and availability. We can structure your lessons around your commitments, usually before or after school or work hours, in order to cause as little disruption as possible.


Bear in mind that an average beginner needs between 40-50 hours of driving tuition (on a manual car) to be considered properly trained. Ignite Driving School can train you quickly, giving you the skills and intensive practice you need to pass your test safely and effectively in a short a period as possible.


It should be noted that this course requires a real commitment and desire to do whatever it takes to pass. If you have a difficult lesson or a bad patch, you have to get back on the road the very next day without fail. Many people actually find this to be helpful the added pressure keeps them on course. Our Intensive Lessons are not overwhelming, but they are extensive.


Intensive lessons are structured to help you to pass both the theory and the practical driving test in the shortest possible time, depending on your schedule and the test dates available.

Whether you have a deadline you have to meet or whether you just need to pass the driving test quickly, an intensive driving course is right for you. Essex Driving Schools’ intensive driving programs are designed to get most people on the road within 1 week, so long as they have already taken and passed their theory test. If you have little or no driving experience at all, and haven’t passed the theory test yet, then you can expect the course to take 3 to 4 weeks.